Department of Audiology & Speech Therapy


  • What makes us human beings unique from the other inhabitants of planet earth is our ability to communicate verbally, and one would agree whole heartedly that life without ability to communicate would be like eyes without vision, ears without perception-absolutely meaningless. Not all us humans are always so lucky. Innumerable children and adults are unable to acquire or access speech and language for communication due to various reasons, thus requiring need to call out to a professional trained in the very field of communication. Our field of Audiology and Speech Therapy is concerned with tackling these very issues, and deals with identification, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of individuals with speech, hearing and language impairments-the basic fundamentals of communication.
  • Due to the invisible nature of the impairment, and lack of awareness regarding the importance of communication rehabilitation, delayed referrals are made, which in turn delay the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation. Thus it would seem fit to give you a brief idea about our Audiology and Speech Therapy Department.
  • The department was established in 1961 due to great efforts of Dr. L.H. Hiranandani and generous donation from M/s Mafatlal Gagalbhai & Bros.

Important moments in the past.

  • Our department goes back a long way, emphasising/highlighting the fact that communication and rehabilitation is considered essential not only now, but also several years ago. A run, down memory lane reveals various stepping stones in the growth of our department and field. :-
MARCH 1961  (M/s Mafatlal Gagalbhai and Bros. donated a sum of Rs. 1,25,000/- to the Mumbai (then Bombay) Municipal Corporation, thanks to the untiring efforts of Dr.L.H. Hiranandani, the then Profes­sor and Head of the E.N.T. Dept. for the establishment of the Gagalbhai Audiology Clinic at
B.Y.L. Nair Charitable Hospital. However, the clinic could be started only in January 1963 due to non-availability of qualified professionals in India.
JANUARY 1963  A U.K. trained Speech Therapist Ms.Saker Mistry (nee Cooper) was appointed in the ENT Department under the able leadership and guidance of Dr.L.H. Hiranandani.           
MARCH 1964      Another    generous    donation   of     pound     sterling 3000 was received from                   M/s. Kishanchand Chellaram Trust, U.K. again thanks to Dr.L.H. Hiranandani.
JANUARY 1966  The inauguration of a fully equipped Audiology Clinic.
JUNE 1966  A two year Diploma Course in Audiology and Speech Therapy was started, the first of its kind in India, with an intake capacity of 10 students.  The planning and execution of the training programme was carried out by Mr. R.K Oza, a U.S. trained Speech Pathologist and Audiologist, who was also first Superintendent from Oct. 1966 to April 1968 and then Professor and Head of the Department from May 1968 up to March 1975.
JUNE 1967  Continuous support given by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation enabled the starting of a two-year Bachelor's programme in Audi­ology and Speech Therapy - B.Sc.(A.S.T.) affiliated to Bombay (now Mumbai University) - the first Degree programme in this profession in India.  From June 1977, it became a three year degree course and the nomenclature of the programme was changed to Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation (ASR) with effect from the academic year commencing from June, 1991.
With the establishment of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, the affiliation of the Bachelor's degree programme was transferred to that University from the academic year commencing from June 1998 with the nomenclature Bachelor of Audiology and Speech- Language Pathology (B. ASLP) starting with the First Year of the course to be progressively extended to the other years.
AUGUST 1967  Another munificent donation of H.K. Dollar 53,000/- was received from friends and well-wishers of Dr.L.H. Hiranandani from Hong Kong.
Thus Dr. L.H. Hiranandani verily has been the proverbial friend, philosopher and guide of the Department and has been the driving force in its inception and development.
OCTOBER 1973 Muhurat Ceremony for classes for the hearing impaired at the Agripada Municipal School premises.
DECEMBER 1973 Formal inauguration of the same, by His Excellency (Late) Shri Ali Yavar Jung, the then Governor of Maharashtra).
JULY 1974   Setting-up of the Training Programme for Audiologists and Speech Therapists for teaching hearing-impaired children was started in 1974.
Since then there has been no looking back and the Silver Jubi­lee of the Department was celebrated  on a grand scale in 1987-1988.
SEPT. 1994  Our dream of starting the P.G. Course which was facing one hurdle or other was finally realized during the tenure of the Dean Dr. (Smt.) K.D. Nihalani when the University permitted to enrol not more than 6 students to M.Sc. (Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation) Course.  The intake capacity has been increased to 8 w.e.f. the academic year 1997-98.  The affiliation to the Mas­ter's programme is also being transferred to MUHS from the academic year 1999-2000.
APRIL 2008  Achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification.



S. N. Name Designation
1 Smt. Gayatri A. Hattiangadi Associate Professor &  Head
2 Smt. Vinaya V. Keer Assistant Professor
3 Smt. Jyoti S. Mohite Associate Professor
4 Smt. Alpana N.Pagare  Associate Professor
5 Smt. Kavita M.Sharma Assistant Professor
6 Smt. Deepa A.Valame Assistant Professor
7 Shri.Chandrahas U. Chandanshive Assistant Professor
8 Shri Sanjay Parab Electronic officer cum tutor



  • With the majority of children patients hustling and bustling outside the department, the Audiology and Speech Therapy Department is easy to sport, both on the 1st floor of the College Building, or the AST OPD on the 2nd floor of the OPD Building.  

OPD / Dept. Timings

  • OPD Timings : Daily 9.00 am To 12.00 noon.
  • Dept. Timings:  Mon. to Fri. ( 9.00 am to 4.00 pm)
    Saturdays    ( 9.00 am to 12.30 pm)
  • All Saturdays working. OPD/Dept. closed on OPD Holidays.


  • (022) 2302 7127 , 2302 7185