Nutrition & Dietetics Department


  • The food Service facilities (patient’s Kitchen) are in existance since 1921. The first post of Dietitian was created in the year 1968 was held by Mrs. Rajadhyaksha. Followed by Ms. Sheetal C Patil and Ms. Salome Benjamin in 1972 and 1978 respectively. The First Diabetes OPD was started by Dr V. V Shanbag, HOD and Prof, Medicine. Since then the specialised nutritional counselling OPD services are in practice.
  • Department of Dietetics is the important segment of the institution as it caters to provide food service to all the indoor patients. It also provides specialised medical nutritional therapy to indoor and outdoor patients.




Contact No

Ms. Salome Benjamin

Chief dietitian / Chief Medical Nutritionist 9004043202
Ms. Jayashree J. paranjape Dietitian (Patient’s Kitchen & Pediatric and Surgary) 9870446698
Ms. Sujata Ahire Dietitian (Patient’s Kitchen) 98699229747
Ms. Anagha V. palekar Jr. Dietitian (Superspeciality) 9967876820


Patients Kitchen (Food Service management) ‘K’ Building
Office 1 st floor, College building , Dept of Medicine
OPD 1 st floor, OPD building, OPD 19 (C)

OPD Timings

Days Timing
Monday to Thursday and Saturday 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • All referred Patients are seen on appointment basis
  • Follow up of patients is done after 12pm daily.


  • The department of Dietetics provides a dietetic service to all areas within the hospital and also to designated areas in the local community.

Food service management:

  • To plan and provide nutritionally balanced tharapeutic meals to indoor patients.
  • To Plan and provide entreral nutrition formula (Formula feed) to the indoor patients.
  • Advice to the hospital catering department on menu planning for patients and staff to ensure appropriate meal provision. 
  • Administartive management of the kitchen staff and equipments
  • Training of the kitchen staff

Clinical Dietetic services:

  • Prescribe evidence based disease specific tailoemade Nutrition Therapy and couselling to referred indoor and outdoor patients from general Medicine , surgary and all superspeciality with regular follow ups
  • Providing Medical Nutrition therapy with Counselling to all patients from Endocrine OPD (Diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, Stunted growth, Childhood Obesity, Metabolic bone disease, Cushing syndrome) daily.
  • Training on nutrition and therapeutic diets to healthcare professionals and catering staff.
  • Provision of Nutritional advisory services to medical proffesionals and administration as required.
  • Internship program for Post graduate Dietetic interns from different institutions in India.

Teaching services:

  • Teaching Nutrition and Dietetics to PG Diploma and diabetes student and  DM Endocrine regularly per term
  • Guest lecture for PG students for Medicine, Pediatric, Surgary and Anaesthesia as and when required.
  • Visiting faculty for PG Clinical nutrition students of SNDT University.

Special therapeutic  services:

  • Specialised Clinical management with Enteral and parenteral formula is given to Patients from all the intensive care units (M.A.C.U., I.P.C.U., N.I.C.U., ICCU, Trauma, post-operative recovery ward, Transplant) on day to day basis.
  • Specialized services provided to ART clinic, Skin and HIV clinic, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Hematology, geriatric, Rheumatology, Nephrology, Gynaecology, CVTS, Cardiology, ENT, Plastic Surgary, Neurology
  • Conducting Training programm for the nursing staff and students
  • Organising visits and enteral feeding workshops for Dietetic college students
  • Nutrition education programs for ANC, PNC, Diabetes patients and PSM

Awards & Achievements

Mrs. Salome Benjamin
Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetic and Applied Nutrition, RD, CHA, CDE

  • Indian Dietetic Association (Mumbai Chapter). Elected as President of Mumbai Chapter for the year 2006 - 2010
  • 2005 Core committee member in developing Food Based Dietary Guidelines for Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • 2006 Conducted CNME on “Therapeutic Nutrition for Diabetes and ESRD” in B.Y.L. Nair Hospital.
  • 2007 Regular CME at different medical institutions on Nutrition in Surgery, Cancer, Critical care, Gut-Health, Organ Transplant Bariatric Surgery etc……
  • 2008  Speaker on Reliance web on nutrition mgt. in DM, CME on Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition for Practicing dietitians of Mumbai.  
  • Expert Panelist For HADSA, Panelist for 4th Nutraceutical Summit, Faculty at various national conferences.
  • 2009 Master Trainer For prestigious Indian Diabetes Education Programme recignised by IDF (International Diabetes federation).
  •  Organized and speaker at various IDA seminars as president Indian Dietetic Association. 
  • 2010 
  • Regular organizer and speaker throughout the year at several CME, Symposiums, seminars, updates and conferences.
  • Chaired sessions at national & international conferences.
  • Investigator in prime WHO project on Maternal and Child nutrition.
  • Faculty for TNT prog. to train Physicians/Surgeons/Dieticians in critical care nutrition mgt.
  • Resource person to co-ordinate Train The Trainer ‘ workshop for RD dietitians.
  • 2011                    
  • Expert Panelist for 6th international Nutrasummit.
  • Resource person probiotic symposium at Hinduja hosp.

Paper Publication

  • Published a paper on Nutritional Management of NIDDM in young adolescents in Indian Journal of Medicine (IJM).
  • Published a Case Study on Nutritional Management (post op) of Tuberculosis with Perforation of Ileum in CCEN- Update.
  • Presented & published a paper on Diet in Pancreatitis in IJM Journal.
  • Presented & Published on Nutrition in Osteoporosis.
  • Edited Chapter in API text book of Medicine.
  • Authored a chapter in book “Dietician for Tomorrow. On nut.mgt of GDM
  • Authored a chapter on Nutrition mgt. in GI disorders and also On HIV-AIDS with case studies

Mrs. Jayashree Paranjape:
PG diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition and dietetics, Certified Diabetes Educator

  • Indian Dietetic Association:
  • Local Executive Committee member , Mumbai Chapter 2006 – 2010
  • Joint Treasurer , Mumbai Chapter, 2011 till date
  • Deputed to the Committee of Midday Meal program for School Children of Govt of Maharashtra since 2008
  • Certified Diabetes Educator by Project HOPE recognized by International Diabetes Federation in 2009
  • Lactation and Breast Feeding Management (In-service  Training Course and Workshop) by Dept of Pediatrics  From T.N.Medical College July 2011.

Ms. Anagha V Palekar
M. Sc in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

  • Speaker in CMNE on Nutrition in Gut health in March 2009
  • Presented paper in International workshop on “ Role of micronutrients in Child Health” at AIIMS, Delhi in 2009
  • Certified Diabetes Educator by Project HOPE recognized by International Diabetes Federation in 2009
  • Speaker in a two day workshop organized by Govt of Maharashtra for Physical Trainer Teachers in Nirmala Niketan College of Home science in 2009
  • Speaker in CMNE on Malnutrition in hospitalized patients and nutrition screening tools in 2009.
  • Authored a chapter on Nutrition in GI disorder in a magazine “Dietitians for tomorrow” published by Indian Dietetic Association.
  • Presented case study on “Meal replacement”  in Obesity update July 2010.
  • Lactation and Breast Feeding Management (In-service  Training Course and Workshop) organized  by Dept of Pediatrics, T.N.Medical College July 2011.
  • Passed National Eligibility Test for eligibility for Lectureship conducted by UGC in June 2010.

CME Programmes / Conferences / Academic Activities

  • 2006 : Conducted CNME on “Therapeutic Nutrition for Diabetes and ESRD” in B.Y.L. Nair Hospital
  • 2007 : Conducted CMNE on “ recent advances in the arena of Obesity and diabetes” in Association with Indian Dietetic Association
  • 2008 : CMNE on “ Medical Nutrition therapy in Surgical patients”
  • 2009 : CMNE on Nutrition in Gut health
  • CMNE on malnutrition in hospitalized patients and nutrition screening tools
  • 2010 : National Obesity Update in Association with IDA

Future CME programes

  • September 2011 CMNE on “Nutrition in Cardiac health”
  • October 2011 CMNE  for paramedical and nursing staff on SMBG, insulin administration techniques  
  • January 2012 CMNE on “Maternal Nutrition and Child health”

Special Activities

Ongoing trials

  • CARS project in collaboration  with Department of Endocrinology
  • Effect of balanced nutrition supplement on hospitalized malnourished patients” in collaboration with Clinical pharmacology

Research projects

  • Assessment of nutritional status of Paramedical students
  • Assessment of nutritional status of Resident doctors and lecturers
  • Assessment of knowledge of nutrition among medical students
  • Assessment of myths regarding breastfeeding among primi pregnant mothers
  • Assessment of nutrition factors and anthropometric profile and its association with menarcheal state of school girls.
  • Assessment of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiency among Type two Diabetes Mellitus patients
  • Assessment of Caloric and protein deficit among MICU patients
  • Assessment of nutritional status of patients with cardiovascular diseases
  • Comparative study of dietary patterns in good and poor glycemic controlled type two diabetic adults.
  • Assessment of prevalence of malnutrition in Preoperative patients using different screening tools.

Future plans

  • Installation and purchase of Automated Chapati making machine and food trolley in patients kitchen
  • Installation of body composition analysis devices in Nutrition clinic
  • Nutritional Counseling sessions for ANC and PNC patients
  • Nutrition education sessions for nurses and other paramedical staff.