Department of Endocrinology


Nair Hospital was one of the first institutions in India to start an Endocrinology Department in 1962.

Advanced Gamma Counter for assaying hormones
Advanced Gamma Counter for
assaying hormones

Dr. Smt S.M. Shahani was the pioneering spirit behind this endeavor. Starting an outdoor on June 17th 1962 and setting up a laboratory, she made a modest beginning. In late 1962, the department got a tremendous boost by the offer of a $ 1,25,000/- grant from the Ford Foundation which allowed purchase of sophisticated laboratory equipment.
(CR 898 of 26.11.1962)


Since then the department has grown steadily and is today recognized both at national and international level.

Dr. M.S. Kenkre and Dr. S.K. Bhansali from the departments of Pharmacology and Surgery began the Thyroid OPD in 1967. (T/2503 est 06.06.1969 Comm No MDJ/1043; SCR 972 16.07.1969 and CR No 616 of 24.07.1969).

Dr. Mrs. K.D. Nihalani (nee Dr. V.R. Panjabi) was responsible for beginning the Diabetes Clinic in 1971. The Diabetes Clinic was a part of the Department of Medicine. Dr. S.D.Mehtalia (Hon Professor) and Dr. P. S. Menon were associated with the Clinic.  The department had a Medical Nutrition Therapist and a Social Worker attached to it from its inception and is fully geared for appropriate follow up for patients with all sorts of complications.
In 1987, the Thyroid Clinic and the Diabetes Clinic were integrated with Endocrinology Department.



1 Dr. Nikhil M. Bhaqwat Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Manoj Chadha Associate Professor
3 Dr. Jugal Ghada Associate Professor




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: No.19, 1st Floor, OPD Building