Department of Forensic Medicine


  • The origin of the department (then called the Department of Medical Jurisprudence) dates back to the foundation of the institution in 1922, the subject being a compulsory part of the curriculum of the LCPS course; Dr. MT Mehta was its first head.

    In 1946-47, the department was upgraded to impart training to students of the II MBBS course of the University of Bombay. 'Till 1970, however, the department was staffed by honorary lecturers, the seniormost of whom was given charge of the department.

    In June 1970, Dr. (Smt.) V.V. Apte was appointed to the department as a full-time lecturer, and Dr. C.K. Deshpande, then Dean, assumed charge of the post of its head. When Dr. Apte was awarded the Master's degree in Pathology & Bacteriology of the University of Bombay in 1976, she was promoted as the first full-time Assistant Professor, with charge of the post of its head. She was recognised as a postgraduate teacher for the Diploma in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology of the University of Bombay in 1981, and for the Master's degree in 1984, whereupon the department began registering candidates for these postgraduate courses. (To date, 5 postgraduate students of this department have been awarded diplomas in our speciality, and ten a Master's degree. one is currently appearing at the final examinations of the University for the award of the Master's degree, and two more have registered for the same course and one for diploma.)

    Meanwhile, in 1982, Dr. V.V.Apte was appointed as the first full-time professor and head of the department, a post she held till her superannuation in 1998. During her tenure, she was a member of the panel of deputy coroners of the City of Bombay for eight years from 1991 until the Coroner's Act was repealed, Vice-President of the Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, editor of the bulletin of the Medicolegal Association of Maharashtra (and, later its President), and the first lady President of the Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine.

    When Dr. V.V. Apte retired, the department was initially overseen for a year by Dr. (Smt.) J.R. Deshpande, Professor and Head of the Dept. of Pathology, and thereafter by Dr. S.C. Mohite, (then full-time lecturer and later Associate Professor) until January 2002, when Dr. Walter Vaz was inducted to head the department. Dr. S.C. Mohite became Professor and Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine on 20th July 2006 and till date he is holding the post.



Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Shilesh C. Mohite Professor & Head
2 Dr. Pawan Sabale Associate Professor
3 Dr. Prashant Waghmare Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Vikrant Waghmare Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Siddharth Sawardekar Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Sashmira Tonse Assistant Professor


  • 5th Floor, College Building, Topiwala National Medical College.

Facilities & Special Services


    Undergraduate Teaching to Students of the II MBBS Course: (recognised by Medical Council of India / Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) according to syllabus & scheme of examinations prescribed by those bodies.

    Postgraduate Teaching to Students of the MD (Forensic Medicine) & Diploma in Forensic Medicine Courses: (recognised by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) according to syllabus & scheme of examinations prescribed by that body.

    Biannual Orientation to Medicolegal Aspects of Hospital Practice: for new batches of Junior residents in February & July of each year.


    [A] Clinical:

    Estimation of age for civil purposes (admission to school, conforming to limits for tournaments at school & junior levels, employment, senior citizenship, etc) and in criminal cases (abduction / kidnapping, sexual offences, criminal responsibility, etc).

    Medicolegal examinations in cases of trauma, victims & assailants in child & adult sexual offences, mechanical asphyxiation and poisoning.

    [B] Autopsy Services:

    In cases of sudden, unexpected, unattended or unexplained death from natural causes, unnatural deaths, and deaths occurring in circumstances suggestive of foul play.

    [C] Other Services:

    Visits to scenes of incidents when requested by the police.

    Expert opinion on cases referred by the police & other investigating agencies / private individuals or agencies.

    Examination of skeletal material.

    Expert evidence in courts of law.


  • H.O.D -022-23027156;
  • Office -022-23027157

Courses Offered

  • U.G.- 2nd MBBS
  • P.G – M.D (Forensic Medicine) 3 year course (Recognized by MCI/MUHS)