Department of Nephrology

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1 Dr. Kalpana S.Mehta Professor  & Head
2 Dr. Rudramani Swami Associate Professor
3 Dr. Nikhil Bhasin Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Smriti Sinha Assistant Professor

      • OPD / Dept Timings

                                                  AKD :  runs for 24 hours. ( Dialysis Unit)
        Out-Patient Services:

        • Nephrology  OPD on Wednesday and Saturday ;  New  case papers issued from 8.30 a.m. -11.00 a.m.  Kidney Transplant  OPD on Thursday : 1.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.

        Indoor Services  & Emergency  Dialysis  Services:

        • The department has total 41 beds inclusive of 10 in dialysis  unit and 2 in immediate post kidney transplant room.
        • All services  are provided 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.


        Facilities & Special Services

        Special Patient  Care  Activities:

        • Hemodialysis
        • Hemodialysis acute  and permanent catheter placement
        • Peritoneal Dialysis : Acute intermittent & Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
        • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
        • Kidney Biopsies
        • Kidney Transplantations :  Live Cadaver
        • Plasmapheresis
        •  Charcoal Hemoperfusion

        Courses Offered

        • DM-Nephrology
          • Medical Council of India approved DM - Nephrology at T. N. Medical College & B. Y. L. Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai.
          • Enrollment of students for DM-Nephrology will start from 2013.
        • Vacancy for DNB-Nephrology for the year 2012-13. 
          • As per the permission obtained from National Board of Examination, New Delhi and approval  of Director [ M.E.& M.H],  one post of DNB-Nephrology will be declared for the year 2012-13.
        • Vacancy for Fellowship in Clinical Nephrology for the year 2012-13 - One  year course
              • Two posts for Fellowship in Clinical Nephrology will be declared in February'2012.
              • Interview will be held in May'2012.
              • The Course for "Fellowship in Clincial Nephrology" will start from June'12.
              • Under the aegis of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences : Nashik
              • Admission once in year –  June
              • The course will be followed by Examination [ Theaory  & practicals]
              • Certificates  will be  awarded  by Maharashtra  University  of Health Sciences.
              • For  details  contact  - 9322226090 / 23027680 /23027682.
  • Contact

    You  can  contact the  Department of Nephrology at 
    Phone No.: 022 – 23027680 / 022- 23027682 / 022 -23092089
    Email Id :-
    Mobile No.: 9322226090
    Fax No. :-  23092089


    • Dr. Geeta Bharia received Best Resident Award for the year 2010-11.

    CME programmes / Conferences / Academic Activities

    • CME programme Seminar on:  Brain Stem Death 28th March 2011        

      Speakers Name:-  Dr.A.B.Shah
      Dr. (Mrs.) Meena Kumar
      Dr. S.C.Mohite
      Ms. Sujata Ashtekar
      Dr.(Mrs.) V.D.Trivedi

    • Confereneces attended:-

    • Apex 2011 organized through International Society of Nephrology [ attended by   Professor & Head, Dr. Kalpana S. Mehta , and two residents Dr. Sham Pagar and Dr. Atim Pajai.


    • Academic activities conducted by the Department:-

      • Mumbai Nephrology group meet held at B.Y.L.Nair Ch. Hospital & T.N.Medical College , Mumbai  in January 2010  &  July  2011.
      • Nephro-Patho meet every Friday.
      • Western Zone Chapter conference of Indian Society of Nephrology was held in Goa   October‘2009 and was attended by Dr. Kalpalna S.Mehta, Professor  & Head, Dr. Suyash Sharma,  Sr. Residnet in Nephrology.
      • The scientific paper“Outbreak of Atypical micobacterium infection in renal transplant recipient“  was presented in the Western Zone Chapter Conference of Indian Society of Nephrology at Goa  2009 for the Award session of students.
      • Dr.Kalpana S. Mehta, Professor  & Head,  was on panel discussion at Hinduja Hospital on the World Kidney Day 2010 Topic: Blood Pressure and Kidney.
      • Annual  conference  of  Indian  Society  of  Organ  Transplantation  2009 : Varanasi was attended by  Dr. Kalpana S. Mehta, Professor & Head.  The scientific paper“Outbreak of Atypical micobacterium infection in renal transplant recipient“ was presented.
      • The scientific paper “ Serum Homocystine  levels in Chronic Kidney failure patients” was presented in  Western Chapter of Indian Society of Nephrology 2010.

    Future CME programmes / Conferences

    • Mumbai Nephrology Group meet in the July'2011.
    • Nephro-Patho Meet every Friday.
    • Teaching  programme  for  Fellowship   in  Clinical  Nephrology – Jan. & Feb. 2011.
    • Teaching  programme  for  Fellowship   in  Clinical  Nephrology - March & April 2011.
    • Teaching  programme  for  Fellowship   in  Clinical  Nephrology –  July & August’ 2011.

    Last five years research projects done

    • Role of cinnacalcet in renal asteodystophy.
    • Sodium abetimus in SLE Nephritis : an  international  trial.
    • Serum homocysteine levels in CKD Patients.
    • Audiometric profile of CKD patients.

    Future Plans

    (A) MCI recognition for DM Nephrology
    (B) Planned Research Projects:    

    • MMF levels in Indian Transplant  receipient.
    • HIF as a treatment for anemia of CKD.
    • CSA in SLE Nephritis.
    • Outcome of renal transplant receipient in CSA Vs. TAC Group.


    1. Expanding the Dialysis unit from 5 bedded to 10 bedded
    2. Extension of working hour of Dialysis unit from 7 to 5 to 24 hour schedule
    3. Increasing the staff strength of the Department  as follows :-
      • From 2 technicians to 8 technicians
      • From 3 nurses to total 18 nurses
      • From 2 servants to total of 8 servants.
      • From Nil to 2 office staffs.
      • From Four Resident doctors to total of 9 resident doctors.
      • Creation of one post of Associate Professor of Nephrology.
    4. Establishing Intensive Kidney Care Unit and Kidney Transplant Room and Artificial  Kidney Division with 5 ventilators  and 11 hemodialysis machines with other equipments worth of  more than 2 crores.
    5. Initiated “ Fellowship  in  clinical  Nephrology ” affiliated  to  MUHS in 2010.
    6. Planning , execution  of  the  shifting  of  the  dept.  of  Nephrology  to  its  new  expanded  area  of  900  sq.  meter, with  AKD, 2 Kidney  Transplant  rooms , Intensive  Kidney  Care  Unit , seminar  room ,  ward  side  laboratory ,  office , male  &  female  wards [ all  on  one  floor : 7th  floor  of  the  new  OPD  building]




    Main room for hemodialysis of non infected patients Main room for hemodialysis of non infected patients
    Isolation for hemodialysis of infected patients - AKD Well eqipped AKD
    Kidney transplant room