Department of Physiology


  • The Department of Physiology was in existence from the inception of this college in 1921. In 1946 Dr. J.D. Pathak became the first full time professor. After he left, Dr. T.H. Rindani became the Head of the Department. During his tenure the Department was shifted to the present college building. When Dr. Rindani was elevated to the post of Dean, in 1963, Dr. J.V. Bhatt took over as the Head. History repeated itself and Dr. J. V. Bhatt was appointed as Dean in 1979, when Dr. (Smt.) V.G. Parulkar became the Head. Dr. (Smt.) M.P. Sharma (nee Barua) took charge in 1994 when Dr. Parulkar retired. On her retirement in 2001 Dr. (Smt) V.S.Dalvi took over as the head and continued till she opted for voluntary retirement in July 2007. Dr. (Smt.) R.B. Ichaporia succeeded her as the Head and she retired in October 2011. Since then Dr. Brinda Venkatraman is the Head of the department


Sr. No Name Designation
1 Dr. Pushpa Pazare Professor & Head
2 Dr. Chitra Pillai Associate Professor
3 Dr. Surendra Wadikar Associate Professor
4 Dr. Sonali Pande Associate Professor
5 Dr. Abhay Naik Associate Professor
6 Dr. Umesh Patkar Associate Professor
7 Dr. Mahadeo Zalke Associate Professor
8 Dr. Seema Bhorania Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Smita Galphade Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Anita Gaule Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Swati Gavit Assistant Professor

Non Teaching Staff

Designation No.
Sr. /Jr. Scientific Officer Nil
Lab. Technician Nil
Lab. Assistant 2
Lab. Attendant Nil
Clerk/CCT 1
Record Assistant/Store Keeper 1
Peon/Servant 5
Sweeper Nil
Other categories --

Facilities & Services Offered

A busy Physiology laboratory in the afternoons
A busy Physiology laboratory in
the afternoons


We take on the task of providing an orientation to professional studies at the entry point. The academic personality of the student is sought to be enhanced by repeated exposure to didactic lectures, demonstrations, practicals, tutorials, viva and group discussions.



  • Phone no.- 022-23027179 (HOD), 23027159 (Dept)
  • Email-id:

Courses Offered

All the courses are recognized by MCI UG-- MBBS, BDS, B.P. Th, B.O. Th, B.A.S.L.P. PG-- MD Fellowship-NIL Ph. D- NIL Certificate courses- NIL

Physiology Laboratory: Which is the Wright stain?
Physiology Laboratory: Which is
the Wright stain?

Research Publications

  • Dr. Mukta P. Bidikar
  1. Autonomic (sympathetic) nervous system involvement in Rheumatoid arthritis patients.
    IJPP,vol. 54,No.1, January-March 2010
  2. Cardiovascular autonomic (parasympathetic) evaluation in Rheumatoid arthritis.
    The Indian Practitioner. Vol.63, No.4,April 2010.
  • Dr. Chitra Pillai
  1. Cardiovascular responses to exercises in young adults; Indian Practitioner: vol 64 (5) : May 2011: 286 – 292
  • Dr Seema Bhorania
  1. Nerve conduction studies in health professionals of a Municipal Hospital; Indian Practitioner: vol 64 (6) : June 2011: 348 – 352

Research Projects

  • A comparative study of simple reaction time in healthy pregnant and menstruating females.
  • A comparative study of taste sensitivity in pregnant and non-pregnant females.
  • A comparative study of autonomic function tests in severe iron deficiency anaemia patients and healthy controls.

Academic activities:

  • Conducted PG lectures for students pursuing fellowship in Nephrology    (M. D. General Medicine)
  • Regular PG lectures for MD(Physiology)
  • Yearly lectures on updates in Applied Physiology for MDS students.
  • Dr. Brinda Venkatraman delivered a lecture on avenues for research in Physiology under the aegis of Dept. of AYUSH, MOH & Family Welfare on 21st April 2011 at T N Medical College.
  • Guest lecture on Ano rectal physiology & related disorders at R.A. Podar Medical College, Worli, Mumbai


  • The MD (human Physiology) degree at TNMC is recognized by MCI in march 2001.
  • Almost all full time staff members have MD qualification & most have undergone training in medical technology at various workshops.
  • Senior teachers are conveners, paper setters, moderators, etc. and are members of various college committees.
  • Staff members regularly present research papers at national conferences.
  • Mrs. Seema Mane has a talent in drawing giant sized Rangolis.