Microbiology Laboratories

Microbiology Department Laboratory

  • Location:
    Department: Third floor, College Building
  • Sections and their locations:

    - Immunology & Virology (Room No.303)
    - Serology (Room No.311-E)
    - Mycobacteriology (Room No.311-F)
    - Mycology (Room No.311-G)
    - ICTC (Room No.311-I)
    - FACS Count for CD4 / CD8 Counts (Room No.311-I)
    - Parasitology (Room No.311-H)
    - Bacteriology (Room No.313-A)
    - Emergency lab (G Building, 1st floor)

Facilities and Special Services:

  • In this Department Processing of samples, identification of the clinical isolates and Antibiotic Sensitivity Test (AST) is done as per the standard protocols and reports are dispatched to the respective Wards/Units on daily basis. On an average 85,000 samples are being processed annually towards patient care.
  • OT Surveillance, Sterility checking and testing of disinfectants are done as a part of Hospital infection control surveillance.

Special Facilities & Collaborative Work

  • Integrated Counselling & Testing Center (ICTC) for Counselling & HIV testing
  • CD4 facilities are made available free of cost for patients on ART.
  • Sputum samples for detection of pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Food handlers from various eating houses in Mumbai are screened regularly for communicable diseases.
  • Tests Done:

    Culture and Sensitivity of Sputum, BAL, Gastric Lavage, All body fluids, Urine, Blood, Clot, Pus, TB samples, fungal samples etc.

Guidelines For Patients Wishing to avail the Investigative Facilities:

  • All clinical samples (OPD & Inpatients) are accepted on all working days from 9 am to 12.00 noon.
  • Emergency samples are accepted from 4 pm onwards in the E Lab situated in G Building, 1st Floor.

Microbiology Department Laboratory timings:

  • Department timings: 9 am to 4.30 pm
  • Emergency lab: 4.30 pm to 8 am
  • Microbiology Department Laboratory Staff:
    Designation                                     Number
    Senior lab Technician                     1
    Lab Technician                               4
    Lab Assistant                                 4
    Lab Attendant                                2
    Clerk/CCT                                       1
    Record Assistant/ Store Keeper     1
    Peon/ Servant                                6
    Sweeper                                         1


  1. 1. Elisa reader and Washer
    2. Deep freezer
    3. Biosefty cabinet
    4. Incubators
    5. Oven
    6. Microscopes etc.

Workload of Microbiology laboratories (2010- 2011)

  • Total Samples: 23825

Ph: 022-2302- Extension
The extension No.are

  • HOD Microbiology :7154
  • Microbiology office :7147
  • Bacteriology :7155
  • Serology :7168
  • HIV :7151
  • Mycology :7189