Gynacology and Obstetrics Laboratory

  • Location:
    Department: OPD 12, 1th  Floor, OPD Building
    Laboratory: OPD 12, 1th  Floor, OPD Building
  • Facilities and Special Services:
    This Department is essentially a center for the diagnosis and management of patients with Gynacology and Obstetrics Disorders
  • It has a laboratory that is fully equipped for the laboratory evaluation of the patients attending the Gynacology and Anti Natal Care OPD.

Tests Done:

The following tests are performed regularly:

  • Complete Blood Test (CBC)
  • Urine Examination
  • Blood Grouping
  • HIV testing done in Microbiology Dept Lab (College Bldg Room No.311)
  • Hepatitis B and Anti HCV testing done in Gastroenterology Laboratory (OPD Bldg 7 th Floor, Room No. 713)
  • The Biochemistry tests are done in Pathology Dept (Central Laboratory- OPD bldg., OPD 16, 1 st Floor)

Guidelines For Patients Wishing to avail the Investigative Facilities:

  • Laboratory investigations are done only for patients seen in the Gynacology and Antenatal OPD, after which appropriate tests are planned.

OPD timings:

  • Gynaecology OPD – Mon to Sat 9:00 am to 12:30pm
  • Antenatal OPD – Mon to Sat 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Gynacology and Obstetrics Laboratory Staff:

  • Mrs. Bharati R Rathod- Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs. Ashwini N Khamkar- Laboratory Technician

Instruments/ Methodology

  1. 01. Automated Hematology Analyzer (Blood Cell Counter-Sysmax KX 21)
    02. Centrifuge machine
    03. Oven


Workload of Gynacology and Obstetrics laboratory

Sr. No.       Name of the Test                            No. of Tests Done/ Month

  1. 01.              CBC (Complete Blood Test)                   1500
    02.              Urine Examination                                   500
    03.              Blood Grouping                                        600
    04.              Manual Hemoglobin Estimation             300
    05.              Blood Collection                                      600



Phone No. 022-23027616