Postmortem Section Laboratory

Postmortem (Pathology) Laboratory

  • Location:
    Laboratory: Room No. 307, 3 rd floor, ‘College Building’
  • Facilities and Special Services:
    This Department is essentially a center for the histopathology diagnosis of postmortem cases of Nair hospital. This lab also caters to research projects of the Dept.of Pathology & other departments from the institution.
  • Tests Done:
    Various investigations done in Histopathology Laboratory are as follows:
    i) Processing of tissues obtained in autopsies (Pathology and Forensic Medicine dept)
    ii) H & E sections & various special stains ate carried out.
    iii) Histopathology report of autopsies in performed.                                           
  • Postmortem section Laboratory timings:
    Monday and Friday- 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
    Saturday- 8.30 am to 1.30 pm
  • Postmortem section (Pathology) Laboratory staff:
  1. Anjali Lele                    Senior Lab Technician
  2. Mrs. Dipti Khandagale         Lab Asst.
  3. Mr.Kedar Parab                     Museum Attendent
  4. Mr. Siddarth Sonawane        Jr. Scientific Officer (FMT dept)
  5. Mr. Chandrakant Kadu         Lab Asst.(FMT dept)
  • Postmortem Section (Pathology) Laboratory Instruments:
  1. Autotechnicon
  2. Rotary Microtome
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Knife Sharpener
  5. Balance 2 pans
  • Workload
    Details of investigation done in Postmortem section in the year
    1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011.
    Total Nos. Of autopsies done in the year                -       461
  1. Total No, of Paraffin Blocks prepared in the year    -        8587
  2. Total No, of Slides (cutting) prepared in the year    -       8587
  3. Total No, of Slides stained in the year                      -      8587

    Different Types of Slides prepared in the year

  1. special stains slides prepared (cutting)                      -     2400
  2. Special staining slides stained                                    -     2400
  3. Slides prepared for post graduate students                -    851
  4. Slides stained for post graduate students                  -     851

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