Skin Laboratory

Skin Department Laboratory

  • Location: : 3nd floor, OPD no. 14, OPD building,
  • Facilities and Special Services:

    This Department is essentially a center for the Skin histopathology diagnosis of patients with Nair hospital.
  • Tests Done:
    Skin biopsy is particularly important for patients who do not show good response to initial treatment. Expert dermatopathology advice is available to all patients from Nair Hospital.
    The department is equipped with a multiheaded teaching microscope with photomicrography equipment and a high-resolution monitor that allows case discussion between doctors.
    The investigations done in Skin Laboratory are as follows:
  • All tissues of biopsy specimens of Nair Hospital Skin dept. patients– processing and interpretations.
  • Guidelines For Patients Wishing to avail the Investigative Facilities:
    - Skin biopsies are performed daily, preferably with prior appointment.
    - Reporting of histopathology slides and clinicopathological correlation on every- Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 - 3:30 pm
    A type written report is issued within a few days.

  • Skin Dept. Laboratory Staff:
    Laboratory Technician: Tejaswini Tamore
  • Skin Laboratory Instruments:
  • Rotary Microtome

022- 23027158