TNMC Library


  • Medical Libraries are Essential for the organization and retrieval of the vast & continuously expanding fields of knowledge in the health science and thus, to the effective delivery of health care.  Books and users are two essential components of the information system, therefore it is essential to have proper interaction between the user and information system. The service element is very important aspect of any Medical Library.  In the 21st century, Medical Libraries have become increasingly concerned about their status, their changing roles in the community and appropriate recognition for their contributions to the success of the Medical Libraries.  It provides one of the most important means for independent study available to the student.  It also serves as the Institution’s memory which is true in case of our T.N.M.C. Library as past student alumni still remembers their student days.
  • In the month of October 1946, Library was housed in a single room measuring 540 sq. ft. It contained books and Journals were stored in 20 wooden cupboards.  After that during last 25 years between 1946 to 1971 the library has undergone a tremendous change now with an area of 5842 sq. ft. with 91 steel glass cupboards.  During the last 40 years after the Golden Jubilee and Platinum Jubilee Library is now with an area of 10,830 sq. ft.  

Services Offered

Our Library is the first  Air-conditioned since 1979.

  • Free Internet Services to the institutional staff & students.
  • Online / e-journals Pro-quest Packages (1100  Full Text Journals)
    Online / e-journals in Forensic Medicine. (Indian Journals)
  • CD Library -  T.V. / VCD / Audio, Video tapes/ CDs on Medical Books.
  • Xerox facility
  • Lamination & Spiral Binding
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Reference Service.
  • Thesis References
  • Departmental Libraries
  • Dr. A. L.Baliga Lending Library for U.G. Students
  • Book Bank Scheme for S.C./S.T. U.G. Students
  • 24 Hours Reading facility for UG/PG
  • Home Lending facility for the institutional Staff & Students for the Period of 15 days.
e journals
Air conditioned library 24 hrs PG library - 1stfloor, New RMO Quarters

Rules & Regulations

  • Library facility is available only against valid Identity Card.
  • Library Timing :
    Weekdays  08.30am. to 10.00pm.
    Saturdays  08.30am. to 7.00pm.
    Sunday 09.00am to 4.00pm
  • Home Lending and Counter Issuance :
    Weekdays  08.30am. to 09.00pm.
    Saturdays  08.30am. to 6.00pm.
    Sunday 09.00am to 3.00pm
  • Thesis and Incomplete Journals :
    Weekdays  11.00am. to 05.00pm.
    Saturdays  12.00am. to 02.30pm
  • Xeroxing and Home lending of Thesis is strictly prohibited. Incomplete journals are not allowed for home lending.
  • Xerox Timing :
    Monday to Friday: 09.00am to 08.00pm
    Saturday  :             09.00am to 06.00pm.
  • Dr. A.V.Baliga Lending Library
    Weekdays  12.00am. to 02.00pm.
    Saturdays  12.00am. to 01.00pm
  • Short Reference Facility
    Saturday and previous day of Public Holiday: 08.30 to 02.30pm.
    Short Reference Facility will be available for senior doctors & senior lecturers. 
  • Library will be remain closed on all O.P.D. Holidays and Public Holidays.

Library facility for outsiders

  • Students and Staff of the other medical and educational institutions, Library facility will permit only against authentic letter of Head of Department or Librarian, institutional valid identity card.
  • Charges :
    Rs. 50/-     Per day.
    Rs. 300/-   Past Students of T N M C & Nair Hospital half year membership.
    Rs. 600/-  Past Students of T N M C & Nair Hospital one year membership.
    Rs. 1500/-  Past Students of T N M C & Nair Hospital 3 year membership.
    Rs. 2400/-  Past Students of T N M C & Nair Hospital 5 year membership.
    Rs. 1000/- Outsiders Medical, Paramedical Staff & Students ½ year membership
    Rs. 2000/- Outsiders Medical, Paramedical Staff & Students 1 year membership
    Rs. 5000/- Pharmaceutical Co. & Corporate Houses 1 year membership


  1. Bags are not permitted in the Library Department.  Bags and belonging kept on the rack in the reading room will be at their own risk. Library Staff should not be held responsible for the same.
  2. Usage of  Mobile phones will not be permitted in the Library premises failing  which mobile phones will be taken and return only with fine Rs. 200/-
  3. Smoking and eatables are strictly prohibited in the library.
  4. Complete silence to be observed in the library. Discussion & chatting are not permited.
  5. Longer conversation will not be permitted on telephone kept at the counter.


  • Location - 2nd floor college building.
  • 022-23027188,
  • 022-23027150
  • 022-23087309
  • E-mail :