Research publications


Audiology & Speech Therapy

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  • Maryam Jalali & Madhavi Phadke. Assessment of Endothelial dysfunction in health & disease using various parametersAccepted for publication in 2011 in Indian journal of Clinical Biochemistry.
  • Dr.Jayesh P Warade. Serum calcium: can it be a diagnostic and prognostic marker in Essential Hypertension? Journal of clinical & Diagnostic Research, 2011,5(1), 58- 62.


Clinical Pharmacology

  • Kalekar S, Karve A, Munshi R, Bhalerao S. Evaluation of the Adipogenic potential and glucose uptake stimulatory activity of Phyllanthus emblica and Tinospora cordifolia: an in vitro study. International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences Vol 3 (1); 2012: pg 230-236
  • Munshi RP, Bhalerao S, Rathi P, Kuber VV, Nipanikar SU, Kadbane KP. An Open Label, Prospective Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of TLPL/AY/01/2008 in the Management of Functional Constipation. Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. 2011 Vol 2 (3); pg. 144-152
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  • DR. BACHI T. HATHIRAM, DR. VICKY  S. KHATTAR  “Venous Hemangioma of the Nasal Septum-A Case Report” in Orissa Journal of ORL and HNS (Accepted for publication-Jan 2011).
  • DR. BACHI T. HATHIRAM, DR. VICKY  S. KHATTAR “An unusual presentation of Impacted foreign-body in the adult larynx” in Indian Journal of otolaryngology and Head Neck Surgery Jan-March 2011, Vo.-63 (I), pp:96-98.
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Forensic Medicine

  • Sonawane SS, Mohite SC, Waghmare SA, Kharat RD, Sabale PR. Computed Tomography (CT Scan)-A superior Tool to Locate the Foreign Bodies and Tissue Injuries in Cases of Firearm Injuries. Medico-Legal Update, Year : 2012, Volume : 12, Issue : 1 ,pp 112- 113
  • Chaudhari VA, Mohite SC, Sabale PR, Kharat RD, Sonawane SS. Battered Baby Syndrome-A Case Report. Medico-Legal Update, Year : 2012, Volume : 12, Issue : 1, pp 123 – 124
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General Medicine

  • CS Limaye, VA Londhey, MY Nadkar, NE Borges. Hypomagnesemia in Critically Ill Medical Patients. J Assoc Physicians India.2011;59(1):19-22.(Original Article)


General surgery

  • Dewoolkar V, Belekar D, Butala U. Primary Paratesticular  Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma. Accepted for publication in Bombay Hospital Journal (reference number 2143). To be published in printed version in special issue 2011.
  • Balsarkar D et al. Large retroperitoneal mass in a young female. Electronic Image of the month. Gastroenterology Feb 2011
  • Balsarkar D et al. Sister Marie Joseph nodule: a rare manifestation of adenocarcinoma of gall bladder. Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Gastroenterology.



  • Mandurke L, Torane V, Set R, Shastri J. A rare case of dental abscess caused by M chelonei: A case report. (accepted for publication Dated 22/2/2011)
  • Swami A, Samal B, Sawant S, Mandurke L, Shastri J. Study on hand hygiene practices in health care workers (HCWs) among all cadres of staff in critical care areas (accepted for publication Dated 22/2/2011)
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  • Incidence of bacteremia associated with central venous catheter in     patients on hemodialysis   International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
    ISSN- 0975-1491  Vol 3 Issue 3, 2011 Published
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  • Chronic Kidney Disease- Metabolic Bone Disease with Rare presentation as Dense,  Osteosclerotic Vertebrae, Prensented in XVII Annual Congress of the Indian  Society of Nephrology Published in Indian Journal of Nephrology, Vol.21, Supplement ,Dec.'2011, Page No. S26.
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  • Incidence of Bacteremia Associated with Temporary Central Venous Catheters in Hemodialysis Patients. Prensented in XVII Annual Congress of the Indian  Society of Nephrology. Published in Indian Journal of Nephrology, Vol.21, Supplement , Dec.'2011, Page No. S54.


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  • Severe neuropsychiatric presentation of Wilson’s disease. Chakor RT, Santhosh NS. Indian J Psychiatry, 2011;53:170-1.

Obstratics & Gynaecology

  • Dr. Ching Ling Yi. Hepatobiliary problems in pregnancy –A case sries report  Bombay Hosp Journal April 2011
  • Dr. Ching Ling Yi. A rare case of malignant  mixed millerian tumour –Bombay hospital Journal April 2011
  • Dr. Reena J Wani Online Publications “Non Contraceptive Benefits of the OC Pill” in AOFOG YGAA newsletter June 2011
  • “CERVICAL CANCER PREVENTION AND SCREENING: A PARADIGM SHIFT” in India’s TopDocs online newsletter July 2011
  • Dr. Reena J Wani Online Publications “Parenteral Iron Therapy- An overview”: Wani R, Dwivedi M. in News & Views. Anemia in Pregnancy: Online issue of MOGS News Magazine, March 2011.


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Pulmonary Medicine

  • Basu S, Yadav M, Joshi JM, Desai D, Moghe S. Active pre-treatment pure pulmonary parenchymal sarcoidosis with raised serum angiotensin converting enzyme level: characteristics on PET with glucose metabolism and cell proliferation tracers and HRCT. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2011 Mar 5. [Epub ahead of print] 
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Skin & VD

  • Khatu SS, Dhurat RS, Nayak CS, Pereira RR, Kagne RB Penicillamine induced elastosis perforans serpiginosa with abnormal “lumpy-bumpy” elastic fibres in lesional and non-lesional skin. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2011 Vol 77;1:55-8.