Department of Medical Social Work


  • Dept. of Medical Social Work, "A" Building, 2nd floor, B.Y.L. Nair Ch. Hospital compound, Mumbai Central, Mumbai - 400 008.

Important moments

  • Helping hand forwarded to victims of natural calamities and disasters e.g. earthquake in Kuchh, Bhuj, communal rides, flood in Mumbai etc.
  • Various cleanliness drives arranged in Institutional Campus.
  • Recreation activities for physically handicapped, slow learning students under enrichment programme.


Mr.Bhatwat H. Patil Ag. Head of the Department
Community Development Officers 09
Clerk 01
Peons 02
  • Community Development Officers (Medical Social Workers) are also working under different departments like Blood Bank, Psychiatry, PSM Dept.

Dept. timings

  • Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m
  • Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

To help poor and needy patients - Contact on 23027215 / 23027216

  • Free food is arranged daily for relatives of poor patients
  • Donation of costly equipments by donors through MSW Dept.
  • Donation for purchase of equipments from SBI Bank of Rs.24,21,000/-

Direct services to the patients

  • Socio economic assessment of the patients in treatment process.
  • Interpretation of the illness to patient and family members.
  • Visits to patients' home, school, office, Institutions for rehabilitation, welfare and charitable organisations and individual donors.
  • Counseling services for the patients and relatives suffering from mental illness, cancer, heart & Kidney diseases, physically handicapped, H.I.V. infection, unwed mothers, tuberculosis etc.
  • Arrangement of various expensive and useful equipments for institution through donors.
  • Placement and institutionalisation of patients as per the need.
  • Referrals to various organisations for different investigations along with financial aid.
  • Rehabilitation of the patients as per the illness and family background with appliances, funds, raw materials, vocational help and employment.
  • Financial assistance and emotional support to poor & needy patients in their treatment process: Arrangement for drugs, investigations, surgery, support during long term illness.
  • Nutritional aid to patients suffering from Tuberculosis, Cancer, Kidney failure, Disorders of Heart, Diabetes and H.I.V. Infection.
  • Ration is supplied to deserving family.
  • Free lunch services for the patients' relatives coming from outside Mumbai.
  • Free breakfast service for patients relatives
  • Follow up of the patients and services to evaluate the benefits and importance of the aid and services utilised.
  • All the above services are arranged by M.S.W. Dept. through various donors, charitable trusts and individual donors.
  • Educational Block Placements of Social Work Students from various colleges and universities.
  • Beside C.D.Os in MSW Department, 9 Community Development Officers (are working under Dept. of PSM, Psychiatry & Blood Bank.