Department of Obstratics & Gynaecology


  • The dept of obstetrics and gynaecology has grown with Nair hospital, starting with only 10 beds and now having a total of .. beds.
    Stalwarts like Dr.H V. Tikale, Dr.J N. Karande and Dr. T W. Sequeira were responsible for the development of midwifery and gynaecology initially. Later, dynamic person like Dr.(Mrs)S. N. Nanavati and Dr. Sequeira contributed to the dept, so did honoraries like Dr. Rohini Merchant, Dr. S.S Thakur And Dr. Sudha K Shah. It was dr. Manju Domadia (Mataliya) who headed the first fulltime unit in 1964 and Dr. S.H. Shah was the first full time Assistant Professor in 1965.
    Dr.S N.Garde was HOD from 1962, followed by Dr.S.K. Joshi, Dr.C.M. Ahwani and Dr.M.Y. Rawal from 1987till the retirement. Dr.V.R. Badhwar headed the dept for a short period after which Dr.Asha Dalal (current HOD) took over in 199----- and has been instrumental in developing the department further.

Important moments in the past

  • Training programme in cytology and colposcopy established by Dr.Sequeira with Dr.C. K. Deshpande (HOD Pathology) and  Dr.E. J. D’souza (HOD Anatomy).
  • 1969 – Establishment of 3 units at Nair Hospital, along with Kamathipura extension.
  • With efforts from Dr.M. Y. Raval & Dr.A. G. Naik (HOD Radiology), our dept had an independent USG machine, first of its kind in corporate hospitals.
  • 1999 – Decision taken by the Dean Dr.N A. Kshirsagar to shift all facilities to Nair Hospital main campus and shut down the Kamathipura extension.
  • Labor ward and PNC shifted to 1st floor of OPD building,and our OPD building to ground floor. Operation theatres were in the OPD complex, 1st floor.
  • Operative endoscopy facilities being offered regularly to the patients from year 2000.
  • Fetal monitoring and partographic management of labor being performed for all laboring women
  • After new multistorey buliding expansion, our department got new wards on 3rd floor of OPD building, shifting out of D building in 2009.
  • Renovated and expanded OPD complex on the first floor of OPD building was inaugurated in year 2010.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Ganesh Shinde Professor & Head
2 Dr. Alka Gupta Professor
3 Dr. Shailesh Kore Professor
4 Dr. Vandana Saravade Associate Professor
5 Dr. Niraj Mahajan Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Shreya Prabhoo Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Rajashri Tayshete Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Arundhati Tilve Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Ankita Pandey Assistant Professor


  • Department – 4th floor, College building.
  • OPD – OPD no.12, 1st floor, OPD building
  • Labor room & Ward – Ward 5 and 7, 3rd floor, OPD building.


  • Outdoor services for gynaec/obs pts in OPD 12
  • Family planning and welfare services in OPD 32 & 12
  • Cytology and scanning for cancer
  • Endoscopy – laproscopy & hysteroscopy.
  • Electronic fetal monitoring.
  • Centre of excellence for PPTCT
  • Training centre for MTP and TL