Department of Radiodiagnosis



Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Devdas S. Shetty Professor & Head
2 Dr. Shenaz A. Z. Saifi Associate Professor
3 Dr. Ravi Upendra Varma Associate Professor
4 Dr. Kishor Rajpal Associate Professor
5 Dr. Vipul V. Chemburkar Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Manisha Joshi Assistant Professor



  • X-Ray: OPD 6 : Ground Floor, Hospital Building:
  • USG: OPD 10 : Ground Floor, Hospital Building:
  • CT Scan Centre : Ground Floor, OPD Building:
  • MRI Centre : Ground Floor, OPD Building:
  • Emergency Xray unit near trauma care centre.


X-Ray Section:

      • 1 Computerized Radiography System.
      • 1 Direct Digital  Radiography System.
      • 4  Conventional X-Ray Systems
      • 6 Portable X-Ray Systems
      • 1 Fluoroscopy Unit with Image Intensifier

      USG Section:

    • 5  Color Doppler Units with 3D & 4D Facilities.
    • 2 Portable USG units in MICU & NICU.

    MRI Section:

    • High End 1.5 Tesla 8 Channel MRI Equipment.

    CT Scan Section:

    • 64 Slice Multislice CT Scan with facilities for General Anaesthesia.
    • This is an ultrafast whole body CT Scanner capable of performing all routine & special studies including non-invasive CT Coronary Angiography.
    • CT Scan is also equipped with Robotic Biopsy Guidance Device.

    Radiofrequency Ablation :

  • Radiofrequency Ablation Device for minimally invasive therapeutic ablation of tumours in lung, liver, bones & soft tissues.


  • Dept. Timings: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Emergency services : 24 X 7

Contact Numbers: 022-2302XXXX

  • CT Scan Centre: 7510/7676.
  • MRI Centre: 7675/7678.
  • USG: 7304/7303.
  • X Ray Department: 7301/7302.

Courses Offered:

Post Graduates:

  •  M.D.: 4 seats per year
  •  DMRD: 3 seats per year

Clinical Trials:

  • Multiple Sclerosis trials with Reliance Life Sciences.
  • Multiple Sclerosis trials with Biogen.

CME / Conferences

  • The Department conducts CME regularly in collaboration with Maharashtra state branch of Indian Radiology And Imaging Association.
    • Vascular & Doppler Imaging.
    • PET, CT, Neuro Imaging in association with Edurad.

Future Plans:

      To obtain
    • 2 more Direct Digital Radiography Systems.
      • State of the art mammography machine.
      • High end Color Doppler Machine.
      • Connect all wards, OPDs & Departments by PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System).The department plans to go fully digital and filmless with the implementation of PACS

Research Publications

Published articles:

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Publications in Peer review process

  • Jakhere SG, Yeragi BS. Pneumatised inferior turbinate:  A rare anatomical variant. (Submitted to European Journal of Radiology)
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