Welcome to the Donor's Page


  • At Nair Hospital, we are aware of our duties towards you for providing adequate information and these pages are meant to furnish this information in a useful way. If you have any other queries please feel free to contact us at nairmsw@hotmail.com or telephone at 3081490 ext. 506

  • Patient Load:
    Nair Hospital is a 1300 bedded public hospital with an annual OPD attendance of close to 1 million. Run by the Brihanmumbai Mahanagar-palika, it is a tertiary care hospital with several excellent speciality and superspeciality departments that are in a continuing state of upgradation and development.

  • Location and Patient Profile:
    Nair hospital is situated in the thickly populated south-central Mumbai. Majority of the patients visiting the hospital are poor with an average monthly income of Rs. 2000/- to Rs .3000/- per family.

  • Patient Facilities:
    The outpatient services including its speciality and superspeciality clinics were being provided free of charge till recently. Since the last few months, nominal charges are being collected for this service as well as the various specialised tests, procedures and operations. However, most of the tests are still done free of charge and most of the OPD patients have to pay only Rs. 10/- for receiving unlimited number of consultations, all the commonly done blood tests and medicines that last for two weeks.


  • Societal Responsibility:
    While expanding frontiers of modern medicine bring newer tests, medicines and cures into the realms of possibility, most of these involve high costs. This may lead to denial of benefits of modern medicine to socially disadvantaged sections of the society. To prevent such a situation from developing and to fill in this shortfall, societal resources need to be tapped.

  • Who can donate?:
    Any individual or group or a trust (charitable, religious, educational etc.) may help in financing small or big projects. Social groups like Rotary or Lions club may also pitch in.

  • What types of donations are accepted?:
    Donations may be monetary or in kind or may even be provided in the form of services.

  • What is the procedure?:
    Most of the donations related to patient care expenses or materials are routed through the Medical Social Work Dept. You may contact this dept. by email at nairmsw@hotmail.com or telephone at 3081490 ext. 506 or by post. Donations in kind (consumables or equipments) may also be extended directly to individual departments as well.

  • What types of patients need help?:
    Common examples of diseases where financial help is welcome are:
    Life threatening diseases like cancer, kidney failure, heart valve diseases, serious bacterial infections, drug resistant tuberculosis or even asthma, diabetes or hypertension
    Disabling disorders like arthritis, paraplegia, amputation, leprosy etc.
    Childhood diseases like malnutrition, leukemia, bleeding disorders, meningitis, kidney disease or HIV infection etc.

  • Which other activities can you help?:
    Apart from direct patient care activities, we help patients cope up with the stress associated with prolonged diseases through:
  • Arranging Recreational Activities like organizing arts competition, celebrating various festivals from Makar Sankrnati to Id to Christmas
  • Providing help in kind like food and rations
  • Make them self-sufficient by training them in skills (e.g. tailoring or beauty parlor course) that would generate income
  • Financing self employment schemes
  • Would you like to finance a development project?:
    You may also finance an overall development project in an areas of your interest. Currently, we are looking for help to develop our:
  • Osteoporosis clinic: This is aimed at helping the middle aged and elderly women who have fragile bones
  • Trauma Care: Our Trauma Ward needs constant flow of funds for maintenance due to its high readiness requirement.
  • Emergency Care Services: The emergency care areas next to casualty is being developed to deal with any kind of emergency with speed.
  • Radiation Oncology: The only other cancer therapy centre apart from Tata Memorial Hospital is in its infancy and needs funds for some newer life saving machines.