Teaching staff as on 15.01.2022

Undergraduate and Postgratuate Departments

Department name Dept. No. Faculty Name Designation
AnaesthesiologyDr Shantanu MarketkarAssistant Professor(Contract)
Anaesthesiology1Dr. Charulata DeshpandeProfessor & Head
Anaesthesiology2Dr Sona Dave Professor
Anaesthesiology3Dr Swati ChhatrapatiProfessor
Anaesthesiology4Lipika Amresh baliarsingProfessor
Anaesthesiology5Dr Sarita FernandesAdditional Professor
Anaesthesiology6Dr.Pradip S. SwamiAdditional Professor
Anaesthesiology7Dr Sarika samelAdditional Professor
Anaesthesiology8Dr. Harshwardhan TikleAssociate Professor
Anaesthesiology9Dr. Minal HardeAssociate Professor,
Anaesthesiology10Dr Pravin Ubale Associate Professor
Anaesthesiology11Dr. Varsha SuryavanshiAssociate Professor
Anaesthesiology12Dr. Mangesh GoreAssociate Professor
Anaesthesiology13Dr Anjana SahuAssociate Professor
Anaesthesiology15Dr. Bhaskar PatilAssociate Professor
Anaesthesiology16Dr Ashish Ramakant MaliAssociate Professor (Additional)
Anaesthesiology17Dr Rameshwar MhamaneAssociate Professor (Additional)
Anaesthesiology18Dr. Manish Patil Associate Professor (Additional)
Anaesthesiology19Dr.Anand Subhashrao NirgudeAssociate Professor(Additional)
Anaesthesiology20Dr Pradnya KhadseAssistant Professor
Anaesthesiology21Dr. Trupti KambleAssistant Professor
Anaesthesiology22Neha DevarajAssistant Professor
Anaesthesiology23Dr Avinash NandanwarAssistant Professor
Anaesthesiology24Dr. Nikhil KambleAssistant Professor
Anaesthesiology25Dr Narendra P VarmaAssistant Professor
Anaesthesiology26Dr Pooja RamchandaniAssistant Professor
Anaesthesiology27Dr. Snehal patilAssisstant professor
Anaesthesiology28Dr. Kaizeen DaruwallaAssistant Professor
Anatomy1Dr. K. Shyamkishore Professor and Head
Anatomy2Dr. Yuvaraj Bhosale Additional Professor
Anatomy3Dr. Seema KhambattaAdditional Professor
Anatomy4Dr. Sumedh G. SonavaneAssociate Professor
Anatomy5Dr Dattatray Digambarrao Dombe Associate professor
Anatomy6Dr Shobha D GaikwadAssociate professor
Anatomy7Dr. Nagaraja Vittala PaiAssistant professor
Anatomy8Dr Shubhangi MutyalAssistant Professor
Anatomy9Dr. Mrinalini Prabhakar WakchaureAssistant Professor
Anatomy10Dr. Pampi RanjanAssistant professor (Contract)
Anatomy11Dr. Shraddha BhadargeAssistant professor (Contract)
Anatomy12Dr. Vivek HingmireAssistant professor (Contract)
Anatomy13Dr. Kavita Sanghapal KokaneAssistant professor (Contract)
Anatomy14Dr. Hana Bashir Senior resident
Anatomy15Dr. Ankita Choudhary Junior resident 1
Anatomy16Dr. Nithya K. JohnJunior resident 1
Anatomy17Dr. Kalpana LaishramJunior resident 2
Biochemistry1Dr. Bina F. DiasProfessor and Head
Biochemistry2Dr. Neelam Jayant PatilAssociate Professor
Biochemistry4AMIT BARAPATREAssociate Professor
Biochemistry5Dr. Sanjay SwamiAssociate Professor
Community Medicine1Dr Rujuta HadayeProfessor & Head
Community Medicine2Dr. Abhiram Madhav KasbeProfessor
Community Medicine3Dr Armaity DehmubedAssociate Professor
Community Medicine4Mangala M. BoteAssociate Professor
Community Medicine5Dr. Satish S. MaliAssociate Professor
Community Medicine6Dr. Rupali R.RajputAssistant Professor (Contract)
Community Medicine7Dr. Pradnya D. ChandanshiveAssistant Professor (Contract)
Community Medicine8Dr Vanita Suresh BokdeAssistant Professor (Contract)
Community Medicine9Dr. Pranita Prashant DharmadhikariAssistant Professor (Contract)
Community Medicine10Dr. Maheshwari SatavAssistant Professor (Contract)
Community Medicine11Ms. Divya Vijithaswan NairAssistant Professor-Biostatistics (Contract)
Community Medicine12Dr. Sudhir DhanageSenior Resident
Community Medicine13Dr. Anu SureshSenior Resident
Community Medicine14Dr. Rutuja ChavanSenior Resident
Community Medicine15Dr. Aishwarya KumarSenior Resident
Dermatology1Dr Chitra NayakProfessor and Head of department
Dermatology2Dr Atul DongreAssociate Professor
Dermatology3Dr. Uddhao Suresh ZambareAssistant Professor
Dermatology4Dr. Saloni Abhijit DesaiAssistant Professor
Dermatology7Vikas SolankiSenior Resident
Dermatology8Dr. Pramod KambleSenior Resident
Dermatology9Dr. Akshay SusvirkarSenior Resident
Dermatology10Mariya KharodawalaSenior Resident
Dermatology11Dr. Aishwarya RaiSenior resident
Emergency Medicine
Forensic Medicine And Toxicology2Dr. Pawan SabaleAdditional Professor (addl) and Incharge HOD
Forensic Medicine And Toxicology3Dr. Prashant WaghmareAssistant Professor
General MedicineDr. Isha NaikAssistant Professor Contractual
General Medicine0Dr Aniket NitnavareBonded Senior Resident
General Medicine1Dr Rosemarie de SouzaProfessor and Head of Department, MICU In-charge
General Medicine2Dr.Girish C.RajadhyakshaProfessor & Unit Head Dept. of Medicine
General Medicine3Dr. Vrinda Kiran KulkarniProfessor, Head of Unit
General Medicine4Dr. Mala Vinod KaneriaProfessor and Unit Head
General Medicine5Dr.Santosh G.GosaviAdditional Professor and Unit Head
General Medicine6Dr. Sushma S. GaikwadAdditional Professor & Unit Head in Medicine Department at Nair Hospital - Nodal Officer & In-charg
General Medicine7Dr Seema KiniProfessor (Additional)
General Medicine8Dr. Aher SangeetaAssociate professor
General Medicine9Dr.Shilpa P.KarandeAssociate Professor
General Medicine10Dr Rakesh BhadadeAssociate Professor
General Medicine11Dr. Giselle DsilvaAssistant Professor
General Medicine12Dr. Krutika KaleAssistant Professor
General Medicine13Dr Umesh JainAssistant Professor
General Medicine15Dr Jivan Raju MoreyAsst. Professor
General Medicine16Dr Nitin PanadAssistant Professor
General Medicine25Dr. Nileshkumar RaiAssistant Professor
General Medicine40Dr Subodh Vikas PatilAssistant Professor
General Medicine41Dr . Sujata Sanjay MeteHouse officer/ Senior resident
General Surgery1Dr. Satish Dharap Professor & Head
General Surgery2Dr Jayashri Pandya Professor
General Surgery3Dr. Dharmesh BalsarkarProfessor
General Surgery5Dr.Rajeshkumar MaheyAssociate Professor
General Surgery6Dr.Rajesh PatilAssociate Professor
General Surgery7Dr. Nitin BorleAssociate professor
General Surgery8Dr Dnyaneshwar MohareAssociate Professor
General Surgery9Dr Sudatta WaghmareAssistant professor
General Surgery10Dr Asma KhalifeAssistant Professor
General Surgery11Dr. SACHIN SURYAWANSHI Assistant Professor
General Surgery12Dr. Sagar AmbreAssistant professor contractual
General Surgery13Dr. Shantanu NavgaleAssistant Professor contractual
General Surgery14Dr. Pravin GoykarAssistant Professor Contractual
General Surgery15Dr. Mohmmed IrfanAssistant Professor Contractual
General Surgery16Dr Deepak Rameshrao Ranveer Assistant Professor contractual
General Surgery19Ravi M WaratSenior resident
General Surgery20Ganesh Shinde Senior Resident
General Surgery23Guvvala Penchala Prabhakar Senior resident
General Surgery24Asmita senPost MS house officer
General Surgery25Bhavya Arvind Rao Senior Resident
General Surgery26HarishKumar VSenior Resident
General Surgery27Dr. SHYAM UTTAM RATHOD Senior Resident
Microbiology1Dr Reena SetProfessor and Head
Microbiology2Nayana IngoleAdditional professor
Microbiology3Dr Nishat KhanAssociate Professor
Microbiology4Dr. Swapna MaliAssociate Professor
Microbiology5Dr. Sachee Agrawal Associate Professor
Microbiology6Dr Sandhya SawantAssociate Professor (Additional)
Microbiology7Dr Sneha Phulsunge Assistant Professor
Microbiology8Dr Pradnya GaikwadAssistant Professor
Microbiology9Dr. Nirjhar ChatterjeeAssistant Professor, Contract
Microbiology10Dr Mithila MaratheAssistant Professor
Microbiology12Dr GITANJALI GANESH PEVEKARSenior Resident
Microbiology13DR. Rimjhim BaranwalSenior Resident
Microbiology14Dr Susmita DeySenior Resident
Microbiology15Dr PreetiSenior Resident
Microbiology16Dr Diksha Ratan ZineSenior Resident
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1Dr Alka GuptaProfessor & Head of Department
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2Dr Shailesh KoreProfessor
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 3Dr Vandana SarvadeAssociate Professor
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 4Dr Niraj MahajanAssociate Professor
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 5Dr Arundhati TilveAssistant Professor
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 6Dr Munira AnsariAssistant Professor
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 7Dr Chaitanya GaikwadAssistant Professor
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 8Dr Yajnaseni Banerjee Contractual Assistant Professor
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 9Dr Kartik PatilAssistant Professor Contractual
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 10Dr. Swati Srivastava Assistant Professor Contractual
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 11Dr Tanvi ShahSenior Resident
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 12Trisha MukherjeeSenior Resident
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 13Dr. Piyusha YenkureSenior Resident
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 14Dr. Mugdha YerunkarSenior Resident
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 15Dr Arti SanapSenior Resident
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 16Dr. Rusheetha KatkamSenior Resident
OphthalmologyRashmi Abhay DaveSenior Resident
Ophthalmology1Dr. Nayana Anil PotdarProfessor & Head
Ophthalmology2Dr. Darshana Babubhai RathodProfessor (Additional)
Ophthalmology3Dr. Anuja Mihir GharatAssociate Professor
Ophthalmology4Dr. Twinkle Mehul Choksi Associate Professor
Ophthalmology9Dr. Priyarthi PradhanAssistant Professor (Contractual)
Orthopaedics1Dr Ramchandra S KhandelwalProfessor and Head of Department
Orthopaedics2Dr Prashant GedamProfessor and Head of Unit
Orthopaedics3Dr.Ashish AgarwalProfessor and Head of Unit
Orthopaedics4Dr Kumarswami DussaAdditional Professor
Orthopaedics5Dr Arvind AroraAssociate Professor
Orthopaedics6Dr. Jayesh V. BaviskarAssistant Professor
Orthopaedics7Dr. Moin Mehmood MukadamAssistant Professor
Orthopaedics8Dr. Akshay V. PawarAssistant Professor(EIC)
Orthopaedics9Dr. Neeraj KalraAssistant Professor(contract)
Orthopaedics10Dr. Nihar ModiSenior Resident
Orthopaedics11Dr. Imtiyaz Dawood KaziSenior Resident
Orthopaedics12Dr. Ayush MittalSenior Resident
Orthopaedics13Dr. Furquanul HaqueSenior Resident
Orthopaedics14Dr. Tanmay AvhadSenior Resident
Otorhinolarngology1Dr. Bachi T. HathiramProfessor and Head of the Department
Otorhinolarngology2Dr. Sanjay K ChhabriaAssociate Professor
Otorhinolarngology3Dr. Vicky S. KhattarAssociate Professor
Otorhinolarngology5Rohan FuladiAssistant Professor (Contractual)
Otorhinolarngology6Dr. Meena KaleAssistant Professor (Contractual)
Otorhinolarngology7Dr. Aditi AchariAssistant Professor (Contractual)
Otorhinolarngology8Dr. Neha AthawaleSenior Registrar
Otorhinolarngology9Dr. Orenponi P. NgullieSenior Registrar
Otorhinolarngology10Dr. Mohammed Badarul MuneerSenior Registrar
Paediatrics1Dr Surbhi RathiProfessor and Head (Ag)
Paediatrics2Dr. Sushma SaveProfessor (Additional)
Paediatrics3Dr Kailas RandadAssociate Professor
Paediatrics4Dr. Poonam WadeASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
Paediatrics5Santosh KondekarASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
Paediatrics6Dr. Alpana KondekarASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
Paediatrics7Dr. Vinaya SinghAssistant Professor
Paediatrics8Dr. Vishal SawantAssistant Professor
Paediatrics9Dr. Neha Bhongale Assistant Professor
Paediatrics11Dr. Gulrej N. ShaikhAssistant Professor
Paediatrics12DR AKASH D SARKATE Assistant professor
Paediatrics14Dr. Qudsiya Ansaribonded assistant professor
Paediatrics15Dr Ratnapriya ChowdhryBonded Senior Resident
Paediatrics16Dr Anwesha SN SinghBonded Senior Resident
Paediatrics17Dr Lakshita TyagiBonded Senior Resident
Paediatrics18Dr Saurabh Bhikaji GadeBonded Senior Resident
Paediatrics19Dr Unmesh Dev MBonded Senior Resident
Paediatrics20Dr Saumya JainBonded Senior Resident
Paediatrics21Dr Rushikesh Durgadas GhavaneBonded Senior Resident
Paediatrics22Dr Vaishali SinghHouse Officer
PathologyDr Rashmi MIshraAssiastant Professor (contractual)
Pathology1Dr Kusum JashnaniProfessor & HOD
Pathology2Dr Meenakshi BalsubramaniumAdditional Professor
Pathology3Dr Vikas KavishwarAdditional Professor
Pathology4Dr.Mayura PhulpagarAdditional Professor
Pathology5Dr Rima KamatAdditional Professor
Pathology6Dr Lalita PatilAdditional Professor
Pathology7Dr Varsha DhumeAssociate Professor
Pathology8Dr Ramesh WaghmareAssociate Professor
Pathology9Dr.Rakesh ShedgeAssociate Professor
Pathology10Dr. Gayathri AmonkarAssociate Professor
Pathology11Dr Sweety ShindeAssociate Professor
Pathology12Dr. Shilpa LaadAdditional Associate Professor
Pathology13Dr Sangeeta KiniAdditional Associate Professor
Pathology14Dr.Sushma ChandekarMBBS MD Pathology
Pathology15Dr Manisha NarkarAssistant Professor
Pathology16Dr Jyothi ShettyAdditional Associate Professor
Pathology17Dr Heena DesaiAdditional Associate Professor
Pathology18Dr Mayura KekanAssistant Professor
Pathology19Dr.Bharati RajgadkarAssistant Professor
Pathology21Dr Vipul JainAssistant Professor (Contract)
Pathology23Dr Vinaya IngavaleAssistant Professor (Contract)
Pathology24Dr Pooja MhasheteAssistant Professor ( Contract )
PharmacologyDr Sarang DhageAssistant Professor Contractual
Pharmacology1Dr Rajan NerurkarProfessor & Head
Pharmacology2Dr Pramod D ShankpalAdditional Professor
Pharmacology3Dr Girish JoshiAdditional Professor
Pharmacology4Dr Jitendra HotwaniAssociate Professor
Pharmacology5Dr Ashwini KarveAssociate Professor
Pharmacology6Dr Sandeep B BheteAssociate Professor
Pharmacology7Dr Sachin SatputeAssistant Professor
Pharmacology8Dr Sanjay RathodAssistant Professor contractual
Physiology1Dr. Pushpa PazareProfessor & Head
Physiology3Dr. Surendra Shripati WadikarAdditional Professor
Physiology4Dr. Sonali PandeAssociate Professor
Physiology7Dr. MAHADEO MAROTI ZALKEAssociate Professor
Physiology8Dr. Seema BhoraniaASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
Physiology9Dr. Smita GalphadeASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Physiology10Dr. Anita GauleAssistant Professor
Physiology11Dr. Swati Vikas GavitAssistant Professor
Physiology12Dr. Sharda SangaleAssistant Professor
PsychiatryDr Mauni NagdaSenior Resident
Psychiatry1Dr Sushma Sanjiv SonavaneProfessor & HOD
Psychiatry2Henal ShahProfessor (Additional)
Psychiatry3Jahnavi Shireesh KedareProfessor(Additional)
Psychiatry4Dr. Alka A SubramanyamAssociate Professor
Psychiatry6Dr. Adnan KadianiAssistant Professor
Psychiatry7Dr. Prajakta Patkar Assistant Professor
Psychiatry8Dr Swati ShelkeAssistant Professor
Radiation Oncology 1Dr. Snigdha S. RobinAdditional Professor
Radiation Oncology 2Dr. Rahul V. WalkeAssistant Professor
Radiation Oncology 3Dr. Purnima RaokhandeAssistant Professor
Radio-diagnosisDr Arjun Ganpat Munde Contractual Assistant Professor
Radio-diagnosis1Dr. Dev Shetty7383
Radio-diagnosis2Dr. Shenaz Saifi7303
Radio-diagnosis3Dr. Ravi Varma7520
Radio-diagnosis4Dr. Kishor Rajpal7301
Radio-diagnosis5Dr. Vipul Chemburkar7675
Radio-diagnosis6Dr. Manisha Joshi7675
Respiratory MedicineDr. Bhvya Vijay Baldwa Assisstant Professor (contractual)
Respiratory Medicine1Dr. Unnati Deepakkumar DesaiAssociate professor and Unit Incharge
Respiratory Medicine2DR. Ketaki Vasudeo UtpatAssociate professor

Super Speciality & Other Departments

Department name Dept. No. Faculty Name Designation
Clinical Haematology1Dr. Vrinda Kiran KulkarniProfessor, Head of Unit
Neurosurgery 1Dr. Devendra K TyagiAssociate Professor
Nephrology1Dr. Kalpana Shailesh MehtaProfessor & Head , Dept of Nephrology
Urology 1Dr. Hemant R PathakConsultant Professor (Contract Basis)
Paediatric Surgery 1Dr. Hemanshi ShahProfessor and Head of Deprtment
Plastic Surgery 1APURVA AGARWALBonded Assistant Professor
Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery 1Dr KANAK NAGLEProfessor and Head of Department
Gastroenterology1Dr. Pravin M Rathi Prof. & Head
Endocrinology1Dr. Sukirti MisraAssistant Professor
Neurology1Dr Rahul Chakor Professor and Head of Department
Medical Oncology 1Dr Girish RajadhyakshaProfessor and Head
Clinical Pharmacology 1Dr Renuka MunshiProfessor & Head, Clinical Pharmacology
Super Speciality1

Allied Courses

Dept. No. Faculty Name Designation
Audiology & Speech Therapy
1Smt. Gayatri A. HattiangadiAssociate Professor & Head
2Smt. Jyoti S. MohiteAssociate Professor
3Smt. Alpana N.PagareAssociate Professor
4Smt. Kavita M.SharmaAssistant Professor
5Smt. Deepa A.ValameAssistant Professor
6Shri.Chandrahas U. ChandanshiveAssistant Professor
7Shri Sanjay ParabElectronic officer cum tutor
Occupational Therapy
1Pratibha M. VaidyaAssociate Professor & In Charge
2Sunita KoutarapuAssistant Professor
3Shashikant ChandanshiveAssistant Professor
4Shriharsh JahagirdarAssistant Professor
1Dr. Chhaya V. Verma PT, PhDProfessor and Head
2Dr Bharati Asgaonkar, PTAssociate Professor
3Dr Rachna Arora, PTAssistant Professor
4Dr Swati Vilas Kubal, PTAssistant Professor
5Dr Hetal Manoj Mistry, PTAssistant Professor
6Dr Hitav Someshwar (PT)Assistant Professor (Contractual)